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Marcy Dam over the years

Marcy Dam is a place that becomes familiar to anyone who spends any amount of time hiking the High Peaks region. It is situated such that most of the hiking traffic starting from the most popular trailhead, at Adirondack Loj, must go over it. And, having visited it so often, I have many many pictures during every season of the year and for many different years. I thought it might be interesting to condense all of that into this one presentation.
This is Marcy Dam
Location of Marcy Dam
Below are a series of shots taken from roughly the same location, but during different seasons or years.
My First Picture ever at Marcy Dam
September 1994
June 1996
August 2002
June 2003
January 2003
March 2003
September 2003
October 2003
January 2004
Brian and friend at Marcy Dam
Short cut during the winter
Before Hurricane Floyd
The Dam at Night
After Hurricane Floyd
The two images above show how Mount Colden was affected by the wrath of Hurricane Floyd during the fall of 1999. Many new landslides occured on the northwest flank of Colden, including one which wiped out a section of the Avalanche Pass trail.
May 1997
Crossing the Dam
A good resting spot
Winter 2005
February 2008
February 2009
Gloomy Summer Day
Andy at the Dam
Marcy Dam-age
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