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My second visit to Rocky Ridge Peak, and who knows how many for Ewart. This was a test hike for Angelina, who was interested in ramping up her hiking skills to see if she could possibly be ready for an extended hiking trip this summer. It was a beautiful day and the trail, as before, was wonderful (see my description of my first hike of this ridge).
Rocky Ridge Traverse Start
Very un-Adirondack Trail
Sun-dappled trail
Uneroded path
First lookout
Blueberries on Blueberry cobble
Blueberry cobble blueberries
Open path over one of the cobbles
More pleasant hilltop trail
Bald peak
More trail in good shape
Bits of scrambling
View towards rocky ridge
The Southern Adirondacks
Bald peak and Rocky Ridge
Basin south of Bald Peak
Bald Peak Summit
Big Glacial Erratic
Bald Peak
Well-camoflaged Toad
Rocky Ridge Alpine Zone
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