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Grace Peak
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Elevation: 4012' (1222m)
Officially trailless
Location: N44.0653 W73.7574 (WGS84)
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Grace (formerly East Dix) is one of the five peaks of the Dix Range. It is only barely over 4000 feet, but is actually quite a nice summit for a couple of reasons. One reason is that it is part of the very scenic and interesting traverse of the entire Dix Range (Macomb, South Dix, Grace, Hough, and Dix). The other reason is that it has a nice, open summit - rare for such a low 4000-footer. Also there are extensive open cliffs just to the north of the summit. Plus excellent views of the lower hilly country to the east and southeast, and of Lake Champlain, and of Vermont. Also there are good views towards Dix and Giant. A very pretty peak. In 2014, this peak was officially renamed in honor of one of the most notable early climbers in the Adirondacks, Grace Hudowalski.

This is an alternate and excellent way to ascend Grace from the east, via an interesting slide that leads down off of Grace's north / north-west face. The starting point of this route is on Route 73, and follows good herdpaths. Several of the Image Galleries below contain details of this route; please consult them if you are interested.

As of 2006, there is a small plastic yellow disc marking the summit.

Andrew's climb logs of Grace Peak: [Aug. 26, 2000], [Jul. 11, 2004], [Oct. 21, 2006 (FTS)], [Nov. 25, 2006], [Mar. 11, 2007], [Oct. 23, 2010], [Aug. 22, 2015], [Aug. 24, 2019]

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