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Algonquin Peak
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Mount Algonquin

Elevation: 5114' (1558m)
Officially trailled
Location: N44.1435 W73.9867 (WGS84)
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Second Highest Peak in the state. Has a large area of treeless terrain on its summit. Excellent visibility in all directions, with excellent views towards Colden and Marcy. Algonquin is the closest big peak to a trailhead, although the longer route up the back via Lake Colden is much recommended.

Andrew's climb logs of Algonquin Peak: [Jun 1, 1996], [Dec 11, 1999], [Aug 5, 2002], [Feb 6, 2005], [Feb 15, 2009], [Aug 17, 2013], [Dec 5, 2015], [Feb 17, 2018], [Aug 18, 2019]

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