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This image gallery documents my first Adirondack hike of 2005. This was done just after getting back from Kilimanjaro, and it was, fortunately, not too much of a temperature shock. It was an extremely warm Febuary day. Clear, almost hazy, and warm. The plan was to do the classic and beautiful loop hike from Adirondak Loj, through Avalanche Pass and Lake, up the backside of Algonquin, and bag both Iroquois and Algonquin. Along for the hike were Jenn, myself, Caroline, and Brian.
Winter Morning at the MacIntyre Range
Morning Snowshoe
Rest Break
Marcy Dam
Pu and Jenn
Caro at Marcy Dam
The trail from Adirondak Loj was quite hard-packed, so we bare-booted it all the way to Marcy Dam. It was a bit crisp starting off, but by the time we made it to the dam, it was quite warm. The sky was crystal clear and suprisingly, there were few to no people around. (I remembered later that this was Superbowl Sunday!).
Jenn, Andrew and Brian
A winter crossing
Avalanche Lean-to
Lean-to graffiti
Icecicles at Avalanche Pass
Inside of an Icecicle
Avalanche Mountain
Avalanche Pass and Lake were beautiful, as usual. Avalanche Lake had beautiful stretches of clear, dark ice, in which many fascinating and interesting patterns could be seen.
Avalanche Lake
Avalanche Pass Cliffs
Forgotten Pro
Brian enjoys the view
Verglassed cliffs
Jenn and Pu start across the ice
Spikey Stilts
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