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Mar 8, 2014 (Sat)
Elevation: 4120 feet; Order of Height: 34
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Harold Piel, Roland Hanel, Brian Connell
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A climb of Seymour with friend Harold Piel, on the occasion of his final winter 46R peak.

There were five of us in total on this outing - myself, Roland, Jenn, Brian and Harold. Jenn, myself and Roland decided to make the long flat winter approach to Seymour more interesting by skiing from the winter trailhead all the way to the Ward Brook Lean-to (Brian and Harold started off earlier on foot).

The skiing, while indeed faster, proved to be more difficult than expected. The snow base was not thick enough to fully cover the ground irregularities, and as a result, the skiing was slower and trickier. Try as we might, we didn't catch Brian and Harold on the way in. We only managed to finally meet up with them on the very summit, just minutes after they arrived.

After some congratulations and photos, we all headed down as a group, enjoying some great glissading on the way down the steep part of the Seymour Mountain herdpath. On the way out, we (on the skiis) outpaced Brian and Harold, but waited back at the winter trailhead until they arrived. We then proceeded to Tupper Lake, where we had a celebratory meal at a local restaurant. Congratulations, Harold!

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Jan 29, 2006 (Sun)
Elevation: 4120 feet; Order of Height: 34
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Ewart Tempest
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Another hike where the weather improved at the last minute. Not wanting to give up another opportunity to use the open Corey's road, we go for it.

Very warm day, very springlike (again). This is really starting to seem like more than just another winter thaw. 6:50 am start; Long flat hiking section dispatched fairly quickly. So little snow at the 2000-foot level that it is a bareboot all the way to the Ward Brook lean-to.

Snowshoes donned at the turnoff to the Seymour herdpath. Path well-tracked, good condition, minimal blowdown. Very steep near the top. Track avoids the slide portion completely. Summit views are pretty good with a high overcast. A quick break, a few snaps, and it is a quick bum-slide down the steep upper sections. Long flat relatively boring (but relatively quick, too) hike out brings us back to the car at 3pm.

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Sep 27, 2003 (Sat)
Elevation: 4120 feet; Order of Height: 34
Participants: Markus Wandel, Andrew Lavigne
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Up to this point, there was some question about whether or not to try to do the Sewards and Seymour in a single outing. In the end we decided that a single day for Seymour and a single day for the Sewards would be ok. And, this day was to be for Seymour. The weather was unsettled, with mostly cloudy conditions with occasional pockets of sun. And it was VERY windy. Even on the long section of trail leading to the Ward Brook lean-to, the wind was very strong. We were of course wondering what things would be like up above. Markus was feeling a little under the weather; even so, we maintained an excellent pace from the parking lot to the Ward Brook lean-to, and on beyond that to the cairn marking the turnoff onto the herd path up towards Seymour (Also noted was the location of the cairn marking the Sewards, so that we could find it with ease even if we decided to climb them in the winter).

The herd path up Seymour was well-defined, although in its upper reaches it was quite steep, muddy and rooty in places (reminds me a little bit of the orebed trail in John's Brook Valley). I did attempt the slide for most of its upper reaches, which was nice, but the rock was wet and very slippery - much caution needed. The herdpath reaches the northeast ridge of Seymour not far from the summit, and from there it is an easy walk along a well-defined herdpath to the summit area, which is notable for several very nice distinct lookouts separated by a little maze of herdpaths. The best lookout is to the north towards Ampersand mountain. Very windy on summit. Luckily for us, the cloud base was just high enough to provide good views.

The way down was fairly uneventful, except for the fact that Markus was feeling a little better since he more easily maintained a faster pace all the way back to the parking lot. We finished pretty early (mid-afternoon) on this one. A nice peak - much better than some of the other trailless ones.

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