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Intermission I - Daniel's Thirtieth Birthday
Friday, June 21
One of the reasons why this trip had been scheduled for the end of June was to coincide with Miriam's brother's 30th birthday celebrations. Since we were travelling with Asmir and Miriam, and since we'd become friends with the Roemer family in general, we were invited to the festivities.
Arriving Niederstotzingen
After completing the drive up from Friedrichshafen (where we had just dropped off Brian) to Niederstotzingen, we met up with Miriam at her family's house. There we dropped off our gear, then headed off towards "the factory" (for lack of a better term). By this I mean the factory of Tesro - the sport-firearm company owned and run by Miriam's family. They often held parties and barbeques on the premises, and this event was no exception.
Driving between home and work
Party at Tesro
Makeshift party house
Miriam's family had set up for the barbeque by placing a large tarp between a couple of rows of storage containers. It may sound at first a little too industrial for a party, but it offered a lot of nice enclosed space, and worked quite well. Not everyone had arrived yet, so we sat around and re-acquainted ourselves with each other.
Makeshift party house
Air Gun
Important Ritual
Mixing a Radler
What goodies await
The catered food soon arrived in many large steel heating dishes, and all of it looked and smelled delicious. All manner of delicious food - some German and some not - was on hand. We held back until the majority of partygoers had arrived, and then had at it. Several plates, in fact.
courtesy JInnes
Attack of the partygoers
Attack of the partygoers
Daughter and Dad
After dinner, it was on to several hours of drinks, chatting, and general birthday party fun. Daniel's girlfriend had planned a Star-wars themed cake, complete with little candy Star Wars characters.
courtesy JInnes
courtesy JInnes
Daniel's gifts
After dinner shots
Birthday fun
Happy Birthday Boy
Full house
Reviewing Pictures
Canadian Connection
Hanne and Daniel
Iteration 1: The gaze
Iteration 2: meta-gaze
Iteration 3: meta-meta-gaze
The fun continued for most of the evening. People began to leave with the setting of the sun, around 9:30pm or so. Many thank-yous to the Roemer family for inviting us to the festivities!
Cake time
Star Wars Cake
Full house
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