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Jeeping in the Maze
(Maze District, Canyonlands National Park)
On these pages, you'll find an in-depth spread of pictures and a cool interactive satellite-photo track-map covering all of the backcountry roads and 4wd roads we drove in and near the Maze. If you liked what you saw of the Jeep driving in the main narrative, then spend a few minutes looking at all of the extra images contained here. Extra images of our 4wd adventures that were not in the main narrative are indicated by a color around the image.

This set of pages also serves as a general guide to the various Jeep roads we drove on (I've noticed there aren't too many detailed accounts of these roads out there on the Internet). To that end, I've included some basic descriptions, and detailed maps and distances for the various legs of our journeys. There are accounts of several of the major roads in and near the Maze District: the Hans Flat Road, the Flint Trail, the Land of Standing Rocks Jeep Road (aka the Dollhouse Road), and the Hite Road (connecting Waterhole flat to Highway 95).

Please note: this page isn't part of the main trip report. If you are interested in the full narrative of our time driving in the Maze, then you should go to page 2 in the main story narrative for the drive in, and page 7 for the drive out. Once you've finished with the narrative, you may then wish to come back to this section to look at all of the extra pictures (and the maps) of our driving that I couldn't fit into the main narrative.

With that, please click 'Next Page' to see the account of the first Maze-area road we drove on... the Hans Flat Road.
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