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Pictograph Fork
(Maze District, Canyonlands National Park)
On these pages, you'll find an in-depth spread of pictures and a cool interactive satellite-photo track-map covering our 3-day backpack in Pictograph Fork in the Maze. If you liked what you saw of our Maze backpack in the main narrative, then spend a few minutes looking at all of the extra images contained here. Extra images of the Pictograph Fork backpack that were not in the main narrative are indicated by a color around the image.

Please note: this page isn't part of the main trip report. If you are interested in the full narrative of our time in Pictograph Fork, then you should go to this page (page 2, bottom) in the main story narrative. Once you've finished with the narrative, you may then wish to come back to this section to look at all of the extra pictures (and the maps) of our Pictograph Fork backpack that I couldn't fit into the main narrative.
courtesy LWard
Organizing at the trailhead
Our group organizes gear for our backpack into the Maze. Taken at the trailhead to the 'Plug Route' into Pictograph Canyon. [enlarge]
Organizing at the trailhead
Our group organizes gear for our backpack into the Maze. Taken at the trailhead to the 'Plug Route' into Pictograph Canyon. The Plug is the fat pinnacle to the left. Standing Rock (I think a.k.a. Candlestick Spire) is visible off in the distance to the right. [enlarge]
Starting off on the Plug Route
Our group starts off down the Plug Route. [enlarge]
The Hidden Maze
A view from the start of the Plug route to our destination: the Pictograph Fork Canyon portion of the Maze. The rounded surfaces of Cedar Mesa Sandstone don't look like much from this angle, but an intricate array of canyons is hidden below. [enlarge]
Beautiful Plug Shot
A pretty shot of blue sky, clouds, and the Plug, as seen from partway down the Plug Route. [enlarge]
We're headed down there
A view down into the side canyon that contains the first part of our descent route into the Maze. [enlarge]
Descending into the Maze
Scrambling down over rounded ledges of Cedar Mesa Sandstone on the Plug Route. [enlarge]
A bit of scrambling
This shot shows the typical sort of scrambling one encounters on the Plug Route. [enlarge]
Pictograph side canyon
A view down the side canyon of Pictograph Fork Canyon that we are descending. From this point, the route stays on ledges on the left wall of the canyon. [enlarge]
Ledge walking, Plug Route
Partway down the Plug Route. The route stays high and level along this ledge, and eventually reaches a low point in the wall separating us from the next side canyon to the left. The route then goes left through that low point and descends further in that next side canyon. [enlarge]
Final down-scramble
Finishing the last few hundred feet of scrambling to reach the bottom of the side canyon. [enlarge]
Nearing the bottom
This shot is taken nearly at the bottom of the Plug Route (i.e. where it reaches the bottom of the canyon). [enlarge]
Side Canyon Bottom
The Plug Route deposits you down in the bottom of this side canyon of Pictograph Fork Canyon. [enlarge]
Morning in upper Pictograph Fork
Our group gathers for morning breakfast in the Pictograph Fork portion of the Maze. [enlarge]
Heading downcanyon
A view looking downcanyon in Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
The occasional ledge
The walk down Pictograph Fork is mostly flat, with a few ledges and steps like this one. [enlarge]
Getting wider
Further down Pictograph Fork, the canyon gets wider and more open. This spot is where the route leading down from Chimney Rock ends up. [enlarge]
Hiking down Pictograph Fork
Our group hikes down Pictograph Fork in the Maze. [enlarge]
Pleasant Path
As we progress down Pictograph Fork, there are nice stretches where a pretty path winds through scenic valley-bottom vegetation. [enlarge]
Hiking in Pictograph Fork
Hiking along a section of path in Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
First view of the drops
Rounding a corner, we get our first closeup view of the Chocolate Drops, far above. [enlarge]
Chocolate Drops
A view of the Chocolate Drops from the bottom of Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
Luke makes like a rower in the dry wash of Pictograph Fork. Does his subconcious know something we don't? [enlarge]
Making a filtering hole
Ewart plays beach toddler as he makes a hole deep enough to permit easy water filtering. [enlarge]
Vicinity of the Harvest Scene
This is a view of the section of Pictograph Fork that contains the Pictographs. Specifically, the Harvest Scene. The Harvest scene is on the left wall of the canyon just left of center in this picture. (you can't see the actual pictographs in this scene, as they are still several hundred metres away). [enlarge]
First glimpse of Scene
As we get nearer, we get our first glimpses of the Harvest scene on a clean sandstone slab not far ahead. [enlarge]
Hiking Past the Harvest Scene
Jenn and Ewart hike past the Harvest Scene on our way to our campsite. [enlarge]
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