Where Did We Drive?
On this page, you'll find a smattering of pictures and a cool interactive satellite-photo track-map that gives an overview of all of our driving for this trip, and a bit of what we saw along the way.

Please note: this page isn't part of the main trip report. If you are interested in the full narrative of our trip, then you should go to the main story narrative. Also, if you are interested in the details of our Jeeping in the Maze District, then you should go to the detailed Jeeping pages.
Interactive Trackmap & Photo Points - All Driving - Click link below to expand
courtesy LWard
courtesy LWard
Virgin River Gorge
North on I-15
Heading off pavement
Hans Flat Road
Hans Flat Ranger Station
Along Gordon Flats
courtesy LWard
the Orange Cliffs
Flint Trail Overlook
Down the Flint Trail
courtesy LWard
At the bottom
Reaching Waterhole Flat
Teapot Canyon Roughness
Entering the Maze District
The Land of Standing Rocks
Driving south from Chimney Rock
Jeep Road to the Dollhouse
Roughest part
Desert Motoring
Lonely Outpost
The Little Rockies
The Burr Trail
Driving up the Burr Trail Switchbacks
A bit of the Circle Cliffs
The Hogback
courtesy LWard
Snowy Red Canyon
Stormy Watchman
Kolob Terrace Road

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