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The Overlook Trail
(Maze District, Canyonlands National Park)
On these three pages, you'll find an in-depth spread of pictures and a cool interactive satellite-photo track-map covering our most scenic hike of the Overlook Trail in the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park. If you liked what you saw of the Overlook trail in the main narrative, then spend a few minutes looking at all of the extra images contained here. Extra images of our Overlook trail hike that were not in the main narrative are indicated by a color around the image.

Please note: this page isn't part of the main trip report. If you are interested in the full narrative of our hike of the Overlook trail, then you should go to page 6 in the main story narrative. Once you've finished with the narrative, you may then wish to come back to this section to look at all of the extra pictures (and the maps) of the hike that I couldn't fit into the main narrative.
Start of Overlook Trail
This is the start of the Overlook trail (which is located in the Dollhouse). [enlarge]
Hiking through the Dollhouse
Ewart and Jenn hike along the beginning part of the Overlook trail, through the Dollhouse. [enlarge]
Bulges, Towers, and Color
The Overlook trail is mostly flat, and passes through lots of scenic countryside, full of bulging cedar mesa sandstone shapes, banded colors, and neat towers of rock. [enlarge]
Beehive Arch
The Overlook trail goes right past this squat, blocky arch. [enlarge]
Tree through Beehive Arch
A view of a Pine tree Beehive Arch. [enlarge]
Well-defined trail
The Overlook trail is, for the most part, well-defined (and well-cairned where no path is visible). [enlarge]
Bulging Ledges
Ewart and Jenn clamber over rounded cedar mesa ledges. [enlarge]
Recent Rains
Shallow potholes are an indication of last night's thunderstorm. [enlarge]
Hiking in Sandals
Ewart uses sandals on the mostly flat Overlook trail to give his feet a break and to speed up the hiking. [enlarge]
Colorful bands
Jenn hikes towards colorful bulging formations on the Overlook trail. [enlarge]
Finding a weakness
Jenn hikes towards a narrow joint in a line of bulging towers. The trail passes through the joint. The trail overcomes several obstacles in this manner. [enlarge]
"Bell" rock
Jenn hikes towards a squat rounded tower that Ewart has dubbed the "bell" rock. [enlarge]
East on the Overlook trail
Jenn hikes east on the Overlook trail. [enlarge]
Intense crypto
A particularly dark and well-developed field of cryptobiotic crust along overlook trail. [enlarge]
A bit of flat
The Overlook trail crosses a wide flat as it nears the actual overlooks. [enlarge]
Broad flat
The broad flat near the confluence overlooks. [enlarge]
New footprints
Ours are the first footprints in the sand since last night's storm (as we can see from the raindrop patterns). [enlarge]
Over to the Needles
Looking east across the Colorado river to the Needles District, which starts on the other side of the river. [enlarge]
Andrew at overlook
Ewart and Andrew at a Colorado River overlook on the Overlook trail. [enlarge]
Carefully peering over
Jenn carefully peers over into the abyss. [enlarge]
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