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Mar. 8, 2014 (Sat.)
Elevation: 4120 feet; Order of Height: 34
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Harold Piel, Roland Hanel, Brian Connell
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A climb of Seymour with friend Harold Piel, on the occasion of his final winter 46R peak.

There were five of us in total on this outing - myself, Roland, Jenn, Brian and Harold. Jenn, myself and Roland decided to make the long flat winter approach to Seymour more interesting by skiing from the winter trailhead all the way to the Ward Brook Lean-to (Brian and Harold started off earlier on foot).

The skiing, while indeed faster, proved to be more difficult than expected. The snow base was not thick enough to fully cover the ground irregularities, and as a result, the skiing was slower and trickier. Try as we might, we didn't catch Brian and Harold on the way in. We only managed to finally meet up with them on the very summit, just minutes after they arrived.

After some congratulations and photos, we all headed down as a group, enjoying some great glissading on the way down the steep part of the Seymour Mountain herdpath. On the way out, we (on the skiis) outpaced Brian and Harold, but waited back at the winter trailhead until they arrived. We then proceeded to Tupper Lake, where we had a celebratory meal at a local restaurant. Congratulations, Harold!

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