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Feb. 9, 2002 (Sat.)
Elevation: 3678 feet; Order of Height: 72
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Lorraine Hughes, Ewart Tempest, Peter Krug
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Beautiful Winter Day. Sunny and Calm. Not a whole lot of snow on the trail at first, but we wore snowshoes anyway. Higher up the trail was covered by a few higher drifts but nothing major. Excellent summit for such a low peak! Broad and open. Excellent views of Whiteface, with the ski runs sharply visible in white. Also good (albeit distant) views of the central high peaks region. While we were on the summit, some fellow hikers scaled the old abandoned fire tower - seems like it is actually in pretty good shape (actually, there is an organization looking to save the tower from being dismantled, and you can view their website here I had brought along some ice cream bars as a sort of joke, since it was February and you could do such a thing in February. Well, it turned out to be not cold enough and when we opened them at the summit they were half-melted and gooey... messy! All in all, an excellent peak - and so short!

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