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Olympic Flame
Driving through Lake Placed, we noticed that an Olympic-like flame was burning. Do all past winter olympic venues burn a flame when current winter olympics are on? (The olympics were currently being held in Salt Lake City) [enlarge]
On the trail
On the trail to Hurricane mountain. Beautiful weather, and although no one had been on the trail for a few days, a good solid packed trail still existed. Here Ewart decides to go off-trail and almost manages to get himself wet after breaking through ice in a swampy area. [enlarge]
Fogging up
Peter's glasses need Rain-X. [enlarge]
Andrew squints
Rest break
Stopping to have a small snack. [enlarge]
The grade gets steeper
As the trail nears the top, the trail gets fairly steep - but also the views start to improve. This is especially true in the winter, when the nice birch forest is devoid of leaves. Note Mount Marcy peeking through at the top of the picture. [enlarge]
Lorraine's Clogs
A [nother] closeup of Lorraine's footwear. [enlarge]
Nearing the top
Just before the top, the trail breaks out into the open... fantastic views to come.... [enlarge]
Above the trees
On the bare rock of the summit. Although this mountain is only about 3700 feet high (not much for an ADK high peak mountain), it still has a great open summit. Here Lorraine is going up the final few ledges to the summit. Note the old fire tower. It is still in good shape and a group is currently trying to save it from being dismantled ((www.hurricanefiretower.org)). [enlarge]
Climbing to the summit
continuing the climb to the summit... note the complete lack of clouds (and no wind, too). [enlarge]
Ewart, mighty 46er.
Ewart poses in front of the adirondacks. He has climbed every one of the 46 peaks above 4000 feet. But this is his first time on Hurricane. [enlarge]
The summit
Lorraine, Peter, and Ewart reach the top. [enlarge]
View from the top
The view from the top is panoramic and stunning. In my opinion, one of the best summit views in the Adirondacks. Also, it offers a refreshingly different perspective than most of the 'regular' peaks. The beautiful winter day didn't hurt either. [enlarge]
Summiters and NY's highest point
Lorraine, Peter, and Ewart with Mount Marcy and the great range visible in the distance. [enlarge]
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