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Nov. 4, 2001 (Sun.)
Elevation: 3314 feet; Order of Height: 116
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Bob Gibson, Markus Wandel, Annette Labossiere, Gilbert Benoit, Lorraine Hughes
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A suprisingly warm mid-November day. Parked on the higwhay (route 3) near Middle Sarance Lake (there is a trail sign and a little parking area just opposite it). Trail was well-marked and in good shape. Gets a bit steep towards the peak and then, near the summit, winds around some neat cliffs and boulders. We then climbed up onto a very nice and open summit, with remnants of some structure (pylons, etc), some graffiti, and also a plaque dedicated to the former hermit of the mountain. Very good views of the Lake Country to the west and north. High peaks were somewhat obscured by cloudy conditions.

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