This small photo gallery documents a short early November hike to Ampersand Mountain in the Adirondack mountains of New York State. In attendance were Gilbert Benoit, Lorraine Hughes, Bob Gibson, Annette Labossiere, and Markus Wandel.
Ampersand Mountain Trail
Some good trail planking on the flat parts before altitude is gained. [enlarge]
Deep in conversation
Markus, Bob, and Gilbert have a lively debate about.... something. [enlarge]
Ampersand Mountain Summit
After only a short while (the hike is not very long) we arrive at the summit of Ampersand Mountain, so named because of strangely shaped Ampersand lake which is nearby. [enlarge]
Lorraine arrives on summit
Brightly-coloured Lorraine arrives at the summit. [enlarge]
Snapping Markus snap me
Nice balance touch with the finger, Markus! [enlarge]
Markus flies
In a single bound, Markus leaps a mighty chasm and arrives at the lunch spot. [enlarge]
Searching for a lunch spot
We make our way around to the east side of the peak to find some nice cozy spot out of the wind to have lunch. [enlarge]
The trees to the left provide good wind cover as everybody takes a break for lunch. Gilbert must have wolfed down his lunch quickly, because he has returned to reading 'The Economist' (some light reading that one must bring along on hikes). [enlarge]
The distant high peaks
Ampersand mountain is not in the heart of the Adirondacks high country. The High Peaks region can be seen far away on the horizon to the east. [enlarge]
Markus jauntily stands in front of the High Peaks. [enlarge]
The Hermit's Plaque
The plaque on the summit commemorates a chap who lived on the summit for eight years as a fire observer, and who had a reputation (after his wife died) of being somewhat of a loner. [enlarge]
Plaque closeup
Closeup of the plaque [enlarge]
The Gilbert Shot
A picture of Gilbert framed against an expanse of wilderness. [enlarge]
View from Summit
This view from the summit looks northwest. Middle Saranac lake is the body of water in the background. The summit of Ampersand is mostly bare rock, even though the peak is only just over 3000 feet high. It was used as a survey site by one of the explorers of the Adirondacks, and so was denuded of its vegetation. Erosion did the rest. [enlarge]
Heading down
Our train of hikers heads back down from the summit. Middle Saranac Lake and its many islets in the background. [enlarge]
Markus, Lorraine, and Middle Saranac Lake
Markus and Lorraine
A small pool near the summit and the wide expanse of the Adirondack North Country frame Markus and Lorraine. [enlarge]
Markus, Lorraine and Saranac River
The Saranac river meanders behind Markus and Lorraine. [enlarge]
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