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Seward Mountain
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Seward Range and Seymour

Elevation: 4361' (1329m)
Officially trailless
Location: N44.1598 W74.1993 (WGS84)
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The highest peak in the Seward Range. Officially trailless, and reached from a herdpath that leads up from near the Ward Brook Lean-to. Not much of a view to speak of on the summit, although there are some good views towards Ampersand near the top. It is probably as easy to do this peak via the Caulkins brook route as it is the regular route. See the May 2004 sewards trip report for more details. Doing the Sewards all in one go is possible - a loop route is recommended for this, up the Caulkins brook route, then Donaldson and Emmons, and then back over Seward and down the regular route (down the north side of Seward).

Andrew's climb logs of Seward Mountain: [Jan 25, 2004 (FTS)], [May 30, 2004], [Jan 22, 2006], [Jun 14, 2015]

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