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In January of 2004, Caroline, Ewart and I attempted this peak on one of the coldest days of the year. Unfortunately for us, we were unable to route-find successfuly up Seward through fresh snow. At below the 3000-foot level, we turned back.

Now, I had heard about an alternate way up, the Caulkins brook route, which ascends from the west almost to the summit of Donaldson. I didn't have any good sense of whether or not it was an easily followable herd path or not, so we did not try it in January. But, perhaps we should have.

For once, the forecast for the weekend looked absolutely perfect: clear, cool, low humidity. Caroline and Markus also needed this peak for their 46er list, and so all three of us headed down to the trailhead on Sunday, May 30. Along also were Ewart and a newcomer: Jen, friend and room-mate of Shannon, a BCer who wanted to hike some mountains after spending a little too much time in the Ontario flatlands.
Ready to go
Leafy green canopy
Caulkins brook herdpath
courtesy Markus
A bit o' blowdown
Markus and opening vistas
Andrew and Jen
courtesy Markus
Cool crystal spring day
Western Adirondacks
Andrew shooting
Ampersand Mountain
The High Peaks
Seward Mountain
courtesy Markus
Hiking towards Emmons
Group shot on Emmons
Markus horsing around on Emmons
The Girls on Emmons
Emmons Summit Marker
Long Lake
Marcy and the MacIntyres
Ascent of Seward
Emmons and Donaldson
Seward Summit Marker
courtesy Markus
Another view of the Ampersands
Descending Seward
Cairn on Seward herdpath
courtesy Markus
Check both ways, Markus!
The main trail back to the car
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