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Aug. 22, 2015 (Sat.)
Elevation: 4012 feet; Order of Height: 42
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Pu Chen
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A climb of the great slide on newly-minted Grace Peak.

The northwest slide on Grace is a wonderful gem of the Adirondacks - out-of-the-way, possibly via an attractive approach, offers a sporty scramble, and excellent summit views, especially for a 'low' 4000-footer.

We had planned to do this outing in July, but bad weather (and then vacation out west) deferred that to mid-August. We were only able to secure Pu for the day, so it was just a small team of three once again. It is tough these days to gather people into a big group!

Under mixed cloud and sun, we started off on the Boquet River approach route (the best and most convenient way to do this climb) on route 73. Low water levels and an easy, mostly flat path meant we zoomed up the approach valley to the high part of the South Branch of the Boquet river. Here, after the last of the good tentsites, the path finally became rougher and slower.

About an hour later, we'd followed the herdpath to the first of the open slab. The wetted out portion of the slabs were extremely slippery, requiring a lot of caution. Fortunately, the wet sections became less prevalent as we ascended, and by the time we got to the craggier part of the slide, it was mostly all good, dry grippy rock. We caught up to passed a large party, choosing some different climbing lines from before.

A relaxing rest at the slide's top rim, and then it was on to the summit, where I thought there may have been some sort of memorial to the dedication/renaming of East Dix to Grace Peak (but I couldn't find anything). Then, we continued on and took the slide bypass herdpath down, avoiding having to deal with the slippery wet slabs. After that, a no-nonsense brisk walk brought us back the way we came, arriving back at the trailhead just over seven hours after starting out.

Please refer to the link below for the full trip report with lots of pictures.

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