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Apr. 9, 2006 (Sun.)
Elevation: 4360 feet; Order of Height: 25
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Roland Hanel, Brian Connell
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First Spring daks hike of 2006: Mt Marshall. I'd done this peak two years before from heart lake, and so this time I figured it might be nice to climb up from Upper Works, and, as a bonus, do it as a loop, ascending the standard route via Herbert Brook and returning via Indian Pass (which I had never seen before). Plus, Jenn and Brian needed to cross this peak off of their 46er list.

Only patches of snow at Upper Works Trailhead. Snow became continuous along Calamity Brook trail, but snow conditions excellent in cool early morning. Weather also excellent! Calm and clear.

Located the base of the herdpath just beyond the little bridge over Herbert Brook. A few tracks were present on the herdpath, which allowed us to get started up with relative ease.

Soon switched to snowshoes and had a wonderful, wonderful ascent up a mostly snowy Herbert Brook. This is a very nice ascent. Near the top got off the route a little and had to do some bushwacking to get to the summit. Weather still perfect. Lots of snow up here - full winter conditions still!

Bushwack over to Iroquois pass was completely horrible in spots, especially with all the fresh wet snow about. No recent tracks on way down to Indian Brook, nor on Indian pass trail. South of Indian Pass the trail is partially snow-covered, and where not snow-covered is very wet and muddy, very difficult to negotiate - not too fun! Arrived back at Upper works trailhead well after dark. Its been quite a while since we've come back from a hike this late!

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