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Itching to get out to the Adirondacks after our week-long odyssey in south central Utah (which you can read about here, if you like), Jenn and I organize a day hike to something she hasn't yet done: Mount Marshall. I'd done this peak two years before from heart lake, and so this time I figured it might be nice to climb up from Upper Works, and, as a bonus, do it as a loop, ascending the standard route via Herbert Brook and returning via Indian Pass (which I had never seen before). Plus, Jenn and Brian needed to cross this peak off of their 46er list.

The weather was looking absolutely perfect, and we hoped the trail conditions would be as well. Spring can be a hit-or-miss time with trail conditions!
courtesy RHanel
Upper Works Ghost Town
Upper Works Trailhead
Especially detailed warnings
The upper works trailhead had only patches of snow here and there. However, there was likely to be significant and continuous snow at higher elevations. We packed full winter gear, including snowshoes and crampons. Our direction for our loop was counter-clockwise; that is, we would ascend via the Calamity Brook trail to Flowed Lands, then along to Herbert Brook, then up the Herbert Brook ascent route, then bushwack over to Iroquois Pass and then down and over Indian Pass and back to the trailhead.
Recently cleared land
Colden from southwest
Ground Ice
courtesy RHanel
Mount Marshall
Crossing Calamity Brook
No, not dead
The hike in along the Calamity Brook trail was very scenic and pleasant. It wasn't long before the trail was completely covered in snow, but it was very firm, very solid from the previous' night's low temperatures. Travel along the trail, then, was very good - even better than in the summer!
courtesy RHanel
courtesy RHanel
courtesy RHanel
What Roland shot
Are we ready to go, already?
Mr. Connell
courtesy RHanel
Mr. Lavigne
Another brook crossing
Refreshing brook textures
Old Snow bridge
Entering the high peaks wilderness
Good snowy trail
Mid-morning arrived as we reached the monument at Calamity Pond. There was lots of snow at this elevation (although again, it was very firm).
Calamity Pond
Calamity Pond Monument
Squinting, or no picture?
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