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Mar. 13, 2004 (Sat.)
Elevation: 3678 feet; Order of Height: 72
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Markus Wandel, Caroline Doucet, Shelly, Rehana, Asmir Arifovic
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An intro Adirondack hike for a couple of new participants: Rehana, Asmir, and Shelly (although Shelly had been to the Adirondacks before). A beautiful but very windy day in the Adirondacks. Of note was how little snow there was on the lower slopes of the mountain. In places, melted right down to mud! Very early in the year for this. We moved along at a brisk pace and summitted in only a little under two and a half hours. It was not that cold temperature-wise, but a very strong wind was blowing at the summit, requiring one to bundle up. Markus explored the old fire tower and our two new Adirondack first-timers took in their first Adirondack summit vista (which, BTW, is one of the better views in all of the High Peaks region). There is an organization looking to save the tower from being dismantled, and you can view their website here www.hurricanefiretower.org. Trail conditions, as mentioned earlier, ranged from a very thin snow cover to patches of ice, to mud, to lots of ice. Certain sections were best suited to crampons. A very enjoyable outing. Hurricane is such a great little peak!

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