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This hike was meant as an introduction to the Adirondacks for a few Adirondack first-timers in our hiking group on this day: Asmir and Rehana. Hurricane mountain is a perfect intro hike to the area, and fulfils all of the necessary requirements: fairly short (about 8km) and excellent views from a rocky, open top. Plus it has a decomissioned fire tower, if you like such things. The hike started off in mostly sunny but very windy conditions. The top was going to be breezy!....
courtesy markus
Hurricane mountain trailhead
The flats
For early to mid-march, there was very little to no snow on the ground. Snowshoes were not necessary except if you wanted extra grip. South facing slopes were especially melted out.
courtesy markus
Pink Eye
An early spring
Summit firetower in view
courtesy markus
The views start....
Frosted trees
Final ascent
Showing off Whiteface
One of the best view in the 'daks
Shelly and Caro approach summit
Asmir the waving prophylactic
Relic of bygone era
courtesy markus
Hurricane Mountain
Markus replenishes
Rocky Peak Ridge and Giant
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