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Nov. 16, 2002 (Sat.)
Elevation: 3861 feet; Order of Height: 57
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Andree Plouffe
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A frosty day. Not much snow down low, just a dusting. Hiked northwest from the trailhead near Whiteface Landing until we reached a four-way junction. The trail north to McKenzie mountain was signed by an elaborate carving in a tree. Trail went pretty much straight up - on steep spurt, so to speak. At the top there was a bit more snow but nothing too major. Lots of neat snow formation on the trees. Several small up-and-down false lookouts and we were on the top. Very good views of Lake Placid (the lake). Also very good views back west towards Saranac Lake and the lake country. After a brief lunch we were starting to get pretty cold so we quickly headed down east to complete our loop hike, and it wasn't long before the hiking warmed us up again. (oh, btw, lots of distinctive and good signage from the trail maintainers). Bartlett pond had an aluminum rowboat frozen into it. The trail continued downhill next to 'Two Brooks', and, as it did so, we went below the snow line. Not far from the head of 'Two Brooks' we encountered the remnants of some sort of Dam-works.

From here we had to carefully traverse between all sorts of very fancy 'cottages' on the shore of Lake Placid. Lots of 'warning' and 'no tresspassing', etc. type of signs. Some really nice residences, though, and some good views of mountains from Lake Placid's shore. Eventually ended up at the end of the Whiteface Landing road (our starting point). See maps in attached image gallery for precise start/stop location.

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