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An interesting loop hike on a peak that would be more famous if it was just a little higher: McKenzie Mountain, a just sub-4000 footer southwest of Whiteface Mountain. The loop includes some walking along the shore of Lake Placid, by impressive expensive cottages.
Unique ADK Trail Sign
This is the first time I've seen a trail sign carved into a tree in the Adirondacks. Someone took some time with this one... [enlarge]
Lake Country
Looking out roughly westwardly from a sub-summit on McKenzie mountain. The weather was unsettled, changing from partly sunny as a big winter weather system neared the area. [enlarge]
Zoomed in
This picture is zoomed in on area from the previous picture. [enlarge]
McKenzie Mountain
This is the summit of McKenzie Mountain, as seen from a sub-summit along the ridge leading south from it. [enlarge]
Snow, windblown and etched into a styrofoam-looking substance, sticks to the lee side of the branches of a small conifer. Mt McKenzie summit in the background. [enlarge]
Frozen Berries
Winter treats for the birds? [enlarge]
Frozen Berries Closeup
Lake Placid
Taken from the summit of Mt. McKenzie, this is a view of Lake Placid. It is an impressive and large lake (for this area, anyway). The size and elevation of the two islands within the lake is interesting. [enlarge]
Lake Placid
This is a zoomed-in shot of the town of Lake Placid from the summit of McKenzie Mountain. [enlarge]
Ground Ice Crystals
These delicate tendrils of ice seemed to be formed by extrusion from the soil during freezing. [enlarge]
Frozen Scuttled Canoe
Bartlett Pond (encountered on the way down). There is a sunken aluminum canoe in the frozen pond. [enlarge]
Bartlett Pond
Here's a wider-angle view of the pond, the canoe, and the surrounding terrain. Things are getting a bit cloudier and there is an occasional flurry. [enlarge]
SOA Trail signs
This half of the loop trail is not on the usual ADK trail system. Instead it is a (From what I gather) trail system maintained by the Shore Owners Association (S.O.A). Presumably landowners on the shore of Lake Placid. Anyway, their signage is clearly different from the standard ADK fare. [enlarge]
Broken Dam
As the trail nears Lake Placid, there are clear remnants of a simple dam. Broken stonework and a few pipes remain. [enlarge]
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