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May 10, 1994 (Tue.)
Elevation: 4580 feet; Order of Height: 16
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Gilbert Benoit, Brian Connell, Paul Pantages, Paul Osmond, Gord Walls, George Zhao, Bob Gibson
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The hike that started it all.

I won't go into too much detail here, since this is well described in a separate trip report.

Being an astronomy buff, I wanted to be in the path of the 1994 annular eclipse, which went straight over the Adirondacks. Managed to convince my manager (then Brian) to let the department take the day off and go hiking in the mountains. Down we came, totally unprepared (not realizing there would still be snow), me with jeans, sneakers, cotten, etc. We managed to make it up, through snow, cold and sleet, and managed to get a full view (with our welder's glass) of the eclipse. Everybody except maybe Gilbert was totally freezing (partially due to the eclipse's effects, probably), so we didn't stay long and slip-slided our way back down. I shake my head when I look back at this trip. Live and learn.

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