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Dec 7, 2019 (Sat)
Elevations: 2594 feet, 2545 feet; Order of Height: 281, 282
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Brian Connell, Alana Wilcox
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A two-fer twin-tower hike with a 'twilight' hike finish: Goodnow Mountain and Mount Arab.

This time of year works best for sunset/twilight hikes, so we're at it again - this time we tacked two short fire tower climbs and finished the second one right at sunset (well, we missed by about 10 minutes, but close enough).

Goodnow mountain was first. Less than a foot of fresh snow on the ground at the trailhead but there was a nice beaten ss track and we didn't want to mess it up, so we snowshoe'd up ourselves. The trail was nearly blowdown free and at an easy grade, and no ice or other difficulties troubled us. Bright but mostly cloudy and with a lot of flurries, we didn't get too many far distant views from the top. We hurried back down so that we could make the jaunt over to the Mount Arab portion of our climb before sunset.

We only managed to get going towards the summit of Mt Arab at 4pm. Given that the sunset was 4:20pm on this day, that didn't leave a lot of time, and I hurried on a head to see if I could somehow manage it. Got to within 500yds of the summit when the sun set on me. Even so, the twilight colors from the top (the skies had cleared off as afternoon had progressed) were amazing. Deep, vibrant colors, followed afterward by some delicate dusky blues. Given that Arab is the shorter trail of the two, it took us very little time to wrap things up and get back to the cars when we were finished. Most enjoyable.

See the image gallery link below for a more detailed writeup and the set of pictures.

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 Image Gallery: December 2019 Goodnow and Arab Fire tower sunset Hikes

May 29, 2016 (Sun)
Elevation: 2594 feet; Order of Height: 281
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Grant Blanchard
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A filler / exploratory hike after completing a long hike of Mt Allen the day before. Since we were in the Newcomb area, Grant and I decided to explore something new for us - the short hike up to the top of Goodnow Mountain.

Goodnow is a great starter hike - the trail is wide and easy, the elevation gain not too excessive (1200 feet), and it has a very nice, well-maintained fire tower on top, along with several historic structures. The caretaker's cabin in particular is in very good shape. We did the hike early on a hazy summer morning and were treated to low-angle light and cottony-white ground fog in valleys. Views were superb from the tower.

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 Image Gallery: May 2016 Goodnow Mountain

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