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June, 2009 -- Jenn is soon about to finish her Masters in Occupational Therapy at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and we (myself, Bob and Asmir) thought it might be nice to pay her a visit before her studies were completely over. As it so happens, the weekend we chose happened to also be the weekend that Kingston was holding it's installment of the Doors Open Ontario series - Doors Open Kingston.

Doors Open is an event where one can visit and explore buildings and facilities not usually open to the public. We decided that this would make an excellent excursion as part of our weekend visit, and this page documents it!

Our first stop was Summerhill House, one of (if not the) earliest building used as part of Queen's University. We only got to see a small sub-portion of the building, but it was indeed quite elegant and pleasant.
To our first destination
Summerhill Residence
Summerhill Residence
Foyer in Summerhill
Good for Miriam...
AA on a Divan
We then wandered around the Queen's university campus for a bit (including stopping at the art Gallery -- sorry, no pictures allowed), before continuing on to downtown Kingston, where we visited the Kingston City Hall. We were given a good (if somewhat short) tour by a lively Brigitte -- an employee of the municipality of Kingston. The rooms in the very historic City Hall were very impressive -- especially Memorial Hall and the Council Chambers.
Miller is Closed
Kingston City Hall
Memorial Hall
Sir John A.
Memorial Hall Stage
Birthplace of Asmir's Citizenship
We then descended into the basement, where we got a glimpse of the City Hall's rougher history - the old jail and holding cells.
Stained Glass of Memorial Hall
Council Chambers
City Hall of Old
Old Jail Cellar
Old Jail Cells
Old Jail Cells
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