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Choco Route, Face on
A more face-on view of the mid-to-upper part of the route to the Chocolate Drops from Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
Back down, and sunny
We are back down from our aborted climb up to the Chocolate Drops. The wide canyon bottom is now filled with sun! [enlarge]
Dinner's cooking!
Dinner preparations are underway. [enlarge]
Sunny dinner
A sunny and pleasant dinner at Jenn, myself, and Ewart's campspot in Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
Luke's foot care
Luke tends to his tender feet. [enlarge]
A closeup of Mr. Ward. [enlarge]
I vant to crush them!
Sophie describes how she wants to handle Luke's blisters. [enlarge]
Body parts
A heap of body parts has a nap. [enlarge]
Ewart's filtering service
Ewart insists on doing the Lion's share of the water filtering. [enlarge]
Filtering under the drops
Our filtering spot in lower Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
Filtering under the drops
Our filtering spot in lower Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
Chocolate Drops from below
Another view of the Chocolate Drops from near our campsite in Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
Calm before the storm
Little do we know it at the time, but these darker clouds are harbingers of trouble!! [enlarge]
Our original tentspot
The small sidewash that we used to avoid cryptobiotic crust flowed during the storm, causing us to have to move our tent from this spot. [enlarge]
Our tent (foreground) in its new spot on some higher bedrock. Ewart's tent is drying out in the background. [enlarge]
Ewart's original tentsite
Ewart's original tentsite was right in the center of this picture. It was only slightly to the right and slightly higher than the bottom of the main wash of Pictograph Fork. At the height of the flash flood, the entire bottom of the wash was flowing strongly, 30 feet wide and a good 4 feet deep. [Including where Ewart's tent was located]. [enlarge]
New respect for 'flowed' vegetation
After seeing a fairly big flash flood close up, I have new respect for all of those plants in the river channel that show signs of being 'flowed over'. [enlarge]
Ewart's new tentsite
The beaten down bit of vegetation in the foreground is where I dragged Ewart's tent to in the middle of the storm. His original site in the main wash is in the background. [enlarge]
Morning cleanup
Here we are, sorting out and drying out stuff after the night's events. The underhang to the left proved a useful place to quickly place things during the height of the storm (to keep them dry). [enlarge]
Back to blue
The passing of the storm heralded a sharp change in the weather. Hazy, white skies and clouds have now been replaced by a crisp, cobalt-blue sky. The Chocolate Drops jut high into this blue sky above our camp. [enlarge]
Beautiful morning in the Maze
We hike upstream to meet Luke, Sophie and Catherine, who have started their walk down from their campsite. It is a beautiful morning in the Maze. [enlarge]
The other 3 survivors
Luke, Sophie and Catherine have survived their flash-flood adventure! Here they are, hiking down towards us from their campsite. [enlarge]
Nuts and Bolts
A shot of the Nuts and Bolts formation, from lower Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
Wide junction
One of the wide confluences at the bottom of Pictograph Fork. This is the point where the route up toward's Pete's Mesa reaches Pictorgaph Fork. The Maze overlook is somewhere up there on the rim to the left of the Nuts and Bolts. [enlarge]
Looking back to the drops
A view from the confluence of several side canyons near the mouth of Pictograph Fork. The Chocolate Drops can be seen on the skyline to the left. [enlarge]
Now heading up-canyon
Our group heads off up the side fork of Pictograph, following the route that leads up to the ridge near Pete's Mesa. [enlarge]
Starting to climb
Starting to climb out of the bottom of the side canyon along the Pete's Mesa route out of Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
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