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Our campspot
We choose a sandy spot free of cryptobiotic crust and away from the main wash (although the sandy spot is in a very small side wash). [enlarge]
Harvest Scene Location
A situational shot of the Harvest Scene Pictographs. See where Jenn is standing? The Pictographs are on the lower wall to her right. [enlarge]
Pictographs on Video
Jenn captures the Harvest scene on her video camera. [enlarge]
The other campers arrive.
Luke, Sophie and Catherine arrive from their campsite. We are meeting to visit the Pictographs together. [enlarge]
Examining the scene
Luke and Sophie examine the Harvest Scene. [enlarge]
Rough drawings
Some bright but crude drawings at the Harvest Scene Pictographs. [enlarge]
Ghostly Hand
A thin, ghostly hand reaches out from a tall figure in the Harvest Scene. [enlarge]
Harvest Scene Figures
A contrast-enhanced version of a portion of the Harvest Scene. [enlarge]
Multi-colored figures
Some of the figures in the Harvest Scene are Multi-colored -- like this one. [enlarge]
Tall and narrow
Many of the figures have a tall, lean aspect to them. [enlarge]
This section of pictographs are a hundred metres or so upcanyon (on the same wall) from the main Harvest Scene. This one is cool because it has a neat curvy snake-like drawing. Or perhaps it represents the winding canyon? [enlarge]
Budding Claret Cup
A Claret Cup cactus is just starting to bud. [enlarge]
The upper campsite
A view upstream towards Luke, Sophie and Catherine's campsite. [enlarge]
The upper campsite
A view upstream towards Luke, Sophie and Catherine's campsite. [enlarge]
Intrepid adventurers
Luke and Andrew stand stoically at a small overlook. [enlarge]
Out like a light
Jenn captures Ewart's afternoon siesta. [enlarge]
A slab of chocolate
The free-standing wall of one of the Chocolate Drops rises high above Ewart's tent in Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
Cryptobiotic Crust
A closeup view of Cryptobiotic Crust near our campsite. [enlarge]
Lower Choco Route
Jenn hiking up the lower part of the route between Pictograph Fork and the Chocolate drops. [enlarge]
Upper Route
An annotated view of the upper part of the Chocolate Drops route. The somewhat exposed scrambly parts are where the route switchbacks up through the ledges of Cedar Mesa Sandstone. [enlarge]
Cliffy portion
reaching the cliffy portion of the route up to the Chocolate Drops. [enlarge]
Waiting out a shower
The groups waits to see if a shower will pass and for the rock to dry out. Scrambling on wet rock is less than ideal. [enlarge]
First scrambly bit
The first of the scrambly bits where you might want a bit of rope for assistance. [enlarge]
Second Scrambly bit
The second class 4-ish step on the way up to the Chocolate Drops. We didn't go any higher than this point, but it looked like it got easier after this. [enlarge]
Looking back down
Looking back down into Pictograph Fork. [enlarge]
Ledge walking
The route up to the Chocolate drop follows ledges like this. [enlarge]
Upper route
The upper part of the route goes over these ledges. [enlarge]
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