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The Confluence, almost
A view of the Green River and the Colorado, and almost the confluence itself (the confluence is just hidden around the corner in the center of the picture). [enlarge]
Andrew at Green overlook
Andrew at one of the Green River overlook points. [enlarge]
Ewart gleefully shoots
Ewart burns through his slide film at a Green River overlook. [enlarge]
Ewart and Andrew
Ewart and Andrew at a Green River overlook. [enlarge]
Scenic Green River
The fantastic scenery of the lower Green River. At the far right, the Green joins the Colorado. [enlarge]
Newly white La Sals
The La Sal mountains did not escape last night's storm, and appear to have received a healthy dose of fresh white snow. [enlarge]
The Needles
A view across the Colorado to the fantastic fins and spires of the Needles District. [enlarge]
The Needles District
A zoomed-in view to the Needles District. [enlarge]
The Needles District
A zoomed-in view over to the Needles District. [enlarge]
The La-Sal Mountains
A sea of Cedar Mesa sandstone and the Island in the Sky District are capped by the distant La Sal Mountains. [enlarge]
North to Ekker Butte
Looking north towards Ekker Butte. [enlarge]
Winding through scenic desert
The trail winds through scenic desert vegetation. [enlarge]
An unsigned junction
This spot is where the trail over to shot and water canyon joins the spur trails leading to the overlooks (we're heading back to the Dollhouse at this point). [enlarge]
Black crust
The crypto is so thick here the ground is practically black! [enlarge]
Shady hollow
A spot where the trail threads between a row of towers. [enlarge]
Pothole reflections
Shallow potholes reflect the late day sky. [enlarge]
Desert and Winter
Colorful desert towers and the snowy La-Sal Mountains. [enlarge]
Shapes of all kinds
there are so many variations of shape and color, it's hard to know what not to take a picture of! [enlarge]
Another shady defile
Another small passageway between rows of towers. [enlarge]
Flakey rock
A bit of neat thinly-bedded rock along the overlook trail. [enlarge]
Fresh ripples
Last night's storm has left fresh sand ripples in a wash. [enlarge]
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