On this page you'll find a concise list of all of the video clip sequences that are sprinkled throughout the Utah 2006 Exploring the Escalante narrative. If you don't want to go searching through the narrative for a particular movie, just use this page instead.

(June 2020 Note: in my re-mastering of this presentation, I was unable to recover the source video. Therefore, the videos here are re-encoded from the crude flash videos that were originally posted. Sorry for the fuzzy quality. Perhaps you can look at it as a way of preserving a bit of early 00's tech nostalgia)
Video Clip: A few scenes from our drive to the Escalante region
Video Clip: Phipps Wash Hike
Video Clip: Bighorn Canyon
Video Clip: Lower Calf Creek Interpretive Talk
Video Clip: 40-mile Ridge Road Drive
Video Clip: Coyote Gulch, Day 1
Video Clip: Coyote Gulch, Day 2
Video Clip: Egypt 3 Slot Canyon
Video Clip: Descent from Angel's Landing
Video Clip: Late for our connector!

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