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Jenn had a little cutout of her dad along with us on this trip. He was often in evidence as we crossed open desert, explored colorful canyons, and shuffled sideways through slots. Here's a few thoughts from Roland on Jenn's "Obsession":
"Jenn's obsession was with Photo-Dad. Not Dad himself, just the photo. Photo-Dad had to be in every photo. The Real Dad was not invited [actually, he was... ed]. This presented interesting logistical issues, as you can imagine: stopping in mid-rappel to affix Photo-Dad somewhere, or holding Photo-Dad for prolonged periods out over an abyss. Maybe Real Dad would not have been as compliant about riding on the back of a pack."
hmm... interesting perspective there, Roland. And Jenn's reply to this bit of flippant talk?
"I wouldn't really call it an obsession. I'd call it 'Creative Puppetry'"
In any case... below are all of the "Photo-Dad" pictures taken on this trip. Enjoy!
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
Suspicious character at the airport
"Well, hello there!"
Air Canada Book Club
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
Waiting around
We have arrived in Vegas, Baby!
Hooters has a hotel?
Monkeying around
More monkeying around
Behold! Dad in desert
courtesy PChen
Stranger lurking in the mirror
What is this I see?
Relaxing at the motel.
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
Start of Phipps Arch hike
alterior motive?
another Dad and daughter shot
courtesy PChen
What's that you say?
Footprints in the snow
Phipps Arch
Pu, Jenn, and Dad
The three musketeers
More monkeying around
This is the life!
Hitching a ride
Aaron Ralston flashback?
Strange view
Admiring the beautiful sandstone
This isn't the beach, Dad!
Negotiating the slot
more lazing about
Carefully setting the stage
Dad in a sand trap
self explanatory
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