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Popping in to investigate
Jenn's dad pops in to investigate what Roland is doing! [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Time fer' new shoes?
I think so, Roland! Note the lack of much of the soles on these boots. [enlarge]
An open spot
One of the several open areas along Egypt3. [enlarge]
Nearing an open spot
Coming out into one of the open spots along Egypt 3. [enlarge]
Innovative pack transport
When the going gets thin, do the head-tote! [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Rough, Knobbly section
A section of rough, uneven slot. Watch your clothes! [enlarge]
Too narrow below
Roland is forced to climb up and along - the slot at ground level is simply too narrow! [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Very tight and dark
Entering a very tight and dark section of the Egypt3 slot. [enlarge]
Dark shadowy section
Roland in a particularly dark and shadowy section of the slot. [enlarge]
Dark shadowy section
Pu and Jenn in a particularly dark and shadowy section of the slot. [enlarge]
courtesy RHanel
With Roland's flash, this dark section looks positively cave-like! [enlarge]
courtesy RHanel
Another exit spot
Roland takes a nice shot of sandstone and tree at the last exit spot along Egypt3. [enlarge]
Lunch break
Breaking for lunch at the last exit spot along Egypt3 [enlarge]
Huge pothole
At the huge pothole just before the rappel spot. Roland is right above where the rappel is. [enlarge]
Our knots
Our rope tied into the webbing (which is tied around the small arch) in Egypt3. [enlarge]
Anchor Arch
The anchor arch a litte ways up from the rappel location. [enlarge]
The Rappel
Roland rappels the easy little 20-foot descent into the very last part of Egypt3 [enlarge]
Dad and Daughter descend
Jenn descends with her Dad keeping a watchful eye! [enlarge]
Pu on first rappel
Pu tries his first rappel here in Egypt3. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Andrew on way down
Andrew rappels down into the lowest part of Egypt3. [enlarge]
Last mega-squeeze
Pu contorts through the last bit of really tight stuff in Egypt3. [enlarge]
Struggling to exit pothole
Pu cannot quite get up the lip of this pothole in lower Egypt3. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Intrepid slot canyoners
Jenn, Andrew and Roland in Lower Egypt3. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Encountering real water
Roland explores a deep narrow pool at the very end of Egypt3. [enlarge]
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