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We spent a third and final night at our now-familiar campground spot at the Buttle Lake Campground. We had mused about spending a final day way up north on the tip of Vancouver Island, at a place called Cape Scott, but we realized that it was simply too far of a drive at this point (we were running out of time before the end of our trip). So, we spent a lazy, sunny morning getting packed up, stopped at a Campbell River Starbucks for a bit of refreshment, and drove back down south to Jenn's parents' house on Gabriola. It was clear and sunny yet again (for the 4th straight day now!).

We spent the rest of a very fine day relaxing and wandering around on the oceanfront near the house. We wandered down the shore to a small point. There was a particular rock formation there that Jenn liked to call 'alligator rock'. The day was clear and a brisk wind was blowing, causing the sea water to crash attractively against the rocks. We wandered around, admiring some sunning seals, poking around in the shallow tidal pools, and in general enjoying the expansive views.
courtesy PChen
A windy, spray-filled day
Scaredey Seals
Smiling Duo
Scenic Easterner on West Coast
Later that evening, after a final (and most excellent) meal at the Innes residence, we put together a slideshow of our entire trip on the laptop and showed it in the 'Zen' building.
courtesy PChen
A Queen in Dark Seas
The Last Supper
The next morning we paid a short visit to Trudy and Gottfried's place, before heading to Victoria. Pu headed back on the Nanaimo-Vancouver ferry to spend a last day by himself in the big city, and Jenn and I were going to stay overnight at friends of Jenn's in Victoria. Jenn's Parents very kindly (thank you so much!) drove us to Victoria, stopping by on the way at a quaint little coffeeshop in the town of Ladysmith for lunch. And, top it all off, we had a fun evening at Cathy and Mike's place (Jenn's friends), visiting with family and friends.

If you would like to see many more of our family & friends pictures, then click here to go to an in-depth page with more pictures.)
Chatting 'round the Toyota
Madison and Stuffed Toy
We've now come to the end of our story... the next morning we caught the ferry to Vancouver, and then a bus to the airport (they misplaced one of Jenn's bags and had to courier it to the airport by taxi). We met up with Pu as planned, who had enjoyed his extra day poking around Vancouver, and then we boarded our non-direct Westjet flight to Ottawa. Nothing much to report about that except for a rowdy drunk sports bunch that got on the plane in Winnipeg - the stewards and stewardesses were not super pleased about that, and almost had them thrown off in Toronto.

I'd like to finish off with thanks all around - to Jenn and Pu, of course, but also very much to Jenn's parents: Roy and Barrie, who showed much hospitality and good cheer. I really enjoyed hiking with you, Roy, and I quite hope that we'll all be able to tackle the nose route on Arrowsmith once again some day, this time with clear weather and a rope. I can guaranteee that the view is indeed great! Bye for now!
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