Friday, November  27, 2020
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On this page are a collection of digitally stitched panoramas taken from my, Markus' and Peter Guidry's digital cameras (mostly from Markus and Peter, though). These panoramas really help convey the beauty of the areas we visited.

Each of these panoramas can be expanded to full-size. When viewed in this larger format, they can be panned left and right, and also zoomed. Adjust the width of your browser if you wish to see more of a panorama's width on your screen at any one time.
courtesy Peter
Notch Trail - Badlands National Park - South Dakota
courtesy Peter
Snake River Overlook - Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming
courtesy Peter
View from summit of Teewinot Mountain - Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming
Hidden Lake and Bearhat Mountain - Glacier National Park - Montana
courtesy Peter
Lunch Creek Drainage - Glacier National Park - Montana
View from summit of Pollock Mountain - Glacier National Park - Montana
Downtown Calgary Skyline - Alberta
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