View from summit of Teewinot Mountain - Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming
A very wide panorama taken by PG from very close to the summit of Teewinot Mountain. A truly spectacular place. I can be seen helping Luc with his pack at extreme left. Ewart is sitting at extreme left as well. A little further to the right, Caroline is posing of the camera. To the extreme left Markus enjoys the vistas. In the background, the tiny summit of Teewinot can be seen as a small point at the extreme left of the picture. To the right of that are the mighty peaks of the Grand Teton and Mount Owen. Further to the right is Cascade Canyon. At the far right of the panorama are various lower peaks, including Rockchuck peak and Mt. St. John.
This image is from the presentation "A Rocky Road Trip - Panoramas".

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