Monday, November  30, 2020
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Here are a few audio and video clips from throughout the trip. All of the clips are available in RealAudio/Video format. In some cases, other formats are provided . You will need to have an appropriate player for at least one of the supplied file formats.

A typical sample of how Markus, his camera, and its batteries all get along (or rather, don't).

Listen (MP3, 407 Kb)
Listen (RealAudio, 106 Kb)

Sheep on the open range in the bighorn mountains. See how we manage to get them to move!

Watch (RealVideo, 337Kb)
Watch (RealVideo, 505 Kb)

Proper food storage is very important in Yellowstone. See how Luc and Peter thwart the bears!

Watch (MPEG, 320 Kb)
Watch (RealVideo, 275 Kb)

A video montage of various geothermal features at the Soshone geyser basin.

Watch (RealVideo, 880 Kb)
Watch (RealVideo, 1.96 Mb)

A video clip of the Minute Man Geyser erupting....

Watch (RealVideo, 417 Kb)

Some of Luc's thoughts on Ewart's slide on Teewinot. Lots of input from others as well.

Listen (MPEG, 1.35 Mb)
Listen (RealAudio, 352 Kb)

Wildlife in the Rising Sun Campground, Glacier National Park.

Watch (RealVideo, 385 Kb)

Luc enjoys a little 80s video-gaming at the Rising Sun Campground.

Watch (MPEG, 1.3 Mb)
Watch (RealVideo, 286 Kb)

A video clip taken from the summit of Pollock Mountain, in Glacier National Park.

Watch (RealVideo, 583Kb)

A demonstration of "Ewart-unloading" (note - I used a shareware video editor - has registration text in video)

Watch (RealVideo, 611 Kb)

An episode of the continuing saga of the Markus Makeover.

Watch (RealVideo, 402 Kb)

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