On this page are maps pertaining mostly to the hikes and climbs we did - often with our actual GPS-derived track overlain on top.
Overview map
Tschierspitze Topo
Tschierspitze Topo with track
Pisciadu Climbing Path
Pisciadu Climbing path with track
Lagazuoi topo
Lagazuoi topo, zoomed in
Lagazuoi topo with track.
Col Rosa Topo
Col Rosa topo with tracklog
Punta Fiammes Topo
Punta Fiammes topo with tracklog
Ferrata Barbara topo
Ferrata Barbara Topo
South Rosengarten Topo
South Rosengarten Topo with track.
Mt. Fortin Topo
Mt. Fortin Topo
Mt. Fortin Topo with tracklog
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