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Aug. 24, 2019 (Sat.)
Elevations: 4060 feet, 4012 feet, 4400 feet, 4857 feet; Order of Height: 37, 42, 23, 6
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Alana Wilcox, Pu Chen
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Alana was looking to up her 46R summit count, and the rest of us were looking for a longer, less-crowded, and scenic outing. The Dix range is always generally reliable in regards to all of these parameters, so we cooked up a horseshoe-shaped itinerary that started at the North Fork Boquet River herdpath on Route 73, headed up the slide of East Dix (Grace), then followed the ridgecrest all the way to Dix, encompassing four of the five peaks of the Dix Range.

We got a nice early start -- before 7 a.m. The day was cool and calm, half clouds and half sun. Some of the higher peaks still had cloud enveloping them. The herdpath walk was easy and beautiful, as it always is. Stream crossings were easy, as water levels were very low. East Dix slide has grown in yet a bit more, but the good stuff is still nice and wide open, including the fun scrambly bits at the top.

Encountered a very large number of hikers on the summit of East Dix. Surprising, really. The numbers of hikers continued to be quite high from that point on, along the entire length of the very pleasant herdpath along the ridgeline. South Dix, Pough, Hough, and then finally to Dix, enjoying all of the many interesting and scenic lookouts along the way. A quick visit to the Beckhorn and then the summit of Dix, where there was another large group. The Adirondacks are busy everywhere now, it seems.

After a beautiful sunny mid-afternoon break on one Dix Mountain's prime summit ledges, we began the long walk back to the Route 73 trailhead. The only really trying part was the steep stretch from 4100 to 3300 feet down Dix's north face. After that, it was an easy but somewhat tedious trudge back to Round Pond, and then to route 73. Almost exactly 12 hours to do almost 24 kilometres. A decent pace. A great hike.

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