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Aug. 18, 2019 (Sun.)
Elevation: 5114 feet; Order of Height: 2
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Sai Krishna Mohan, Gino Brancatelli, Daniel Rodrigue, Katya Pichugin
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Another above-the-clouds work outing, this time an outing a bit more difficult: the scenic and interesting Algonquin Loop including Avalanche Pass

Muggy and misty day, lots of puffy clouds at about 4000-6000 feet that obscured the summits, but ultimately more sun than cloud. Was especially annoyed by the bouldery eroded trails on the way up the MacIntyre Range trail to about the Wright Peak junction, and then way down from the Algonquin-Boundary saddle to Lake Colden. Also unexpectedly wet conditions given the dry-ish conditions on this second half of the summer. Beautiful conditions above treeline, making our alpine lunchtime very enjoyable.

A beaver dam at the end of Avalanche Lake caused lake levels to be elevated, drowning a bit of the lakeside trailworks. We were glad to be done with rough trail after Avalanche Lake and cruised comfortably at a much higher rate of speed down to Marcy Dam. We crossed the creek at the dam, avoiding a few hundred yards of extra trail travel, then quickly booted the final few miles back to the trailhead. Finished the hike with minutes to spare before a heavy downpour arrived. Also, sampled the 'Hungry Hiker' stand for the first time.

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