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Jun. 23, 2019 (Sun.)
Elevation: 4926 feet; Order of Height: 4
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Brian Connell
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A deliberately long-way climb of Skylight, from Elk Lake, in order to get a longer, tougher hike under our belt as part of training for some upcoming out-west backpacking and climbing. Also done because of the less-busy, more quiet experience from the south. Left early in order to account for the long distance, at just after 7 a.m. Hiking was fast on Elk Lake Lodge land, noted a few wet spots that normally are gone by this time of year.

Hike over the Boreas-Colvin range was marred by some extensive and unpleasant wetness on the northern descent, again very unusual for late June. Bridge over Stillwater inlet in good shape, as is the beautiful planking across Marcy Swamp. The hike up through Panther Gorge was sublime - trail condition very good, a nice breeze, and no bugs or people. Had it all to ourselves.

Steep climb up from the Panther Gorge leanto to Four Corners was a first for me - had never done this stretch of trail until today. At Four Corners suddenly started to see lots of hikers coming up from the 'busy' side. Final climb to a breezy but totally clear and beautiful summit completed shortly after that. About ten-ish people on the summit with us. Excellent and unique views from Skylight's summit - some of the Adirondacks' best.

It had been a long way in, and it was a long way out. Although we tried our best, we didn't make it back to the trailhead before sunset, arriving right around 9pm. Almost fourteen hours and 34km - definitely one of the Adirondacks' longest single peak hikes.

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