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Dec. 4, 2016 (Sun.)
Elevation: 4098 feet; Order of Height: 36
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Kristina Mansveld, Eric Shoesmith, Ginette, Daniel Rosenblatt
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Our second "Twilight Hike" - this time on Cascade Mountain. An excellent peak when one wants relatively high open alpine terrain with a short approach.

Originally this was planned as a morning outing, but the weather forecast dictated otherwise. We moved from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, departing from the Cascade Mountain trailhead shortly before 3pm. A brisk pace allowed us to reach the first lookout about ten minutes before sunset, where we were treated to a truly superb sea of undercast. Proceeding on to the bare summit, we enjoyed more incredible views of clouds below with the western Adirondack peaks poking through like volcanoes. An excellent addition to the annals of the ACC twilight hike series.

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