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Jul. 24, 2016 (Sun.)
Elevation: 4960 feet; Order of Height: 3
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Julie Moran, Mike Moran
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Tagging along with Julie and Mike to Haystack, as they aspire to complete their 4th round of the ADK 46.

Decided to reach Haystack from South Meadows - a slightly less orthodox but still quite viable approach to the Adirondack's third highest peak. Weather started off with low cloud but with a forecast of burn-off and clear skies later. Walk in along South Meadows truck trail fast and easy. Catching Van Hoevenberg trail, continued on up past Indian Falls (some nice views through the breaking clouds) and up onto the high terrain north of Marcy's summit. Reached high point with Phelps Trail at 4800 feet. Noted that VH trail has many smooth stretches and is overall only moderately rough by Adirondack standards (I guess it has been a while since I've done the VH without snow cover).

Descent 700 ft along Phelps Trail to head of Panther Gorge was rough and tedious, as was 600 ft ascent back up to first of Haystack's sub-summits. Excellent view of Haystack Ridgeline from here as usual. Soon emerged onto Little Haystack and enjoyed wonderful alpine scenery. Over the top of Little Haystack, down the scramble, then continued on main ridgeline to summit. Superb views as usual, and I repeat statement that to do this peak in poor visibility would be a shame.

Return journey without major incident, and found it quite an easy stroll after completing the tedious down-and-up back to the Van Hoevenberg Trail.

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