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Jun. 14, 2015 (Sun.)
Elevations: 4361 feet, 4140 feet, 4040 feet; Order of Height: 24, 33, 40
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Caroline Doucet, Peter Bujold, Iris, Arn Hyndman
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A training hike of sorts; something long-ish and moderately challenging. A prep hike for an upcoming Solstice hike repeat.

Parking at the recently-opened summer trailhead, we made good time along the mostly flat trail and old forest road to the start of the Calkins Brook herdpath (our chosen route of ascent to the Seward Range today). Weather was dry but humid.

Calkins Brook herdpath in excellent shape - clear of blowdown, easy to follow. A few muddy spots and some erosion at the top end, but other than that, quite good.

We elected to visit Seward's summit first, and found the hike over to be trouble-free and quick. Not so much for the hike over Donaldson to Emmons. Some large annoying mud-pits along the top of Donaldson, and many little ups and downs and a longer-than-it-looks distance to Emmons. Plus lots of black flies. The trees are just high enough in most spots of interest to obscure views, save for the nice couple of lookouts near Donaldson's summit. I definitely prefer this ridgeline in the winter, when all of the roughness is covered up and the extra few feet of elevation (from the snow) gives you more views.

A long trudge back to the cars from Emmons rounded out an eleven-and-a-half hour day. Tiring, but a good workout.

Please refer to the link below for the full trip report with lots of pictures.

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