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Feb. 17, 2014 (Mon.)
Elevation: 3600 feet; Order of Height: 80
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Andy Brown, Andrea Craig
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An excellent winter snowshoe traverse of Pitchoff Ridge.

We did this as a traverse, leaving a single car at the eastern trailhead and hiking to the western trailhead. Once at the western trailhead, I got out a pair of running shoes I had packed and jogged bthe 2.6 miles along rte 73 to the eastern trailhead to fetch the car.

Weather was perfectly clear, and snow conditions were ideal - fresh, soft, deep snow. For the most part, the trail was reasonably well tracked out. One stretch of trail below the western summit of Pitchoff was done by people without snowshoes, making for a much less enjoyable time. Fortunately, that stretch was not long.

Winds were light but temps were quite cool, making for cold toes and covered faces. The jog from the western to the eastern trailhead took about 25 minutes. Road is fairly narrow for running; care is required.

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