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Mar. 30, 2013 (Sat.)
Elevations: 3169 feet, 2362 feet; Order of Height: 140, 510
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes
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Catamount - part 1 of a 2-peak Easter Saturday in the Adirondacks.

Another cold day in late March of 2013. Sunny, but cold. Good for winter climbing conditions, though, and perfect for our quick ascent up the feisty little peak of Catamount Mountain.

A mix of snowshoes, bare-booting and micro-spikes were the order of the day, owing to the changing snow conditions and depth. The Chimney section and the slabs presented no climbing difficulties; the only problem was a bit of routefinding through the col between the south summit and main summit.

Excellent atmospheric conditions on top: good visibility, beautiful sun, and light winds. Since we were aiming to head down to Keene Valley and climb Snow Mountain before it got too late, we did not stay long. We arrived back at the trailhead about 15 minutes shy of four hours. Not all that fast.

Snow - part 2 of a 2-peak Easter Saturday in the Adirondacks.

Continuing on from our fun and sporty climb of Catamount mountain, we decided to tackle Snow Mountain - a short little peak in Keene Valley that I had yet to do, and which I had heard had nice views on top.

We quickly bare-booted it up the mostly snow-free lower trail, using the high-water route due to a main trail closure. Above this, we encountered little difficulty over the remaining 1000 feet to the summit.

The open ledges just southeast of the summit were surprisingly scenic - an excellent panorama from Giant all the way over to Dix and Nippletop. Conditions were perfect: light winds, clear, late-day sun, snow on the peak-tops. A perfect little outing to round out the day.

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