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Feb. 4, 2012 (Sat.)
Elevation: 5344 feet; Order of Height: 1
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Andy Brown
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A simple, straightforward, and scenic hike to the top of Mount Marcy. We opted for the multi-modal solution, using skiis over a too-thin-for-February base to get us from South Meadows road -- our starting point -- to the vicinity of Marcy Dam.

We then switched to snowshoes and continued up the nearly-bare lower Van Hoevenberg trail. We finally encountered a snowpack of significance upon reaching Indian Falls, and from there, the snow quickly got deeper. As we neared treeline, we had a beautiful snowshoe track and winding through snow-coated trees.

No wind and bright sunshine meant a hatless and nearly gloveless ascent into the alpine. Crystal clear views in all directions. Higher up on the summit dome, we came into a stiff, cold wind, and had to quickly don several additional layers. The summit was a blustery but beautiful place this day. Magnificent, if a little cold.

Continuing what had already been a fast pace, we descended back down all the way to Marcy Dam in a scant three hours. Switching back to skiis and taking advantage of the slight downhill to South Meadows took less than another hour, and shortly we were back at the car, less than four hours after leaving the summit. A fast and ultra-scenic winter day on the highest peak in the state.

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