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Feb. 15, 2009 (Sun.)
Elevations: 4840 feet, 5114 feet; Order of Height: 8, 2
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Ewart Tempest
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Today, something new: a visit to the little rocky crag on Iroquois Peak's south slopes called the Shepherd's Tooth.

The Shepherd's Tooth is an attractive little sub-summit that I've noticed for some time now, and today, we finally decided to do it. We did it as a loop hike, starting at the high peaks info center, hiking through Avalanche Pass, up to Cold Brook Pass, then bushwhacked up from there to the Tooth. We then continued upwards, traversing over the summits of Iroquois, Boundary and Algonquin and descending via the main trail back to the parking lot.

As it turned out, the bushwhacking up from the pass was not too bad, although I believe we chose a good route that avoided the worst of the cliff bands that exist above the pass. More information and lots of pictures available in the main report (link below).

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