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Mar. 5, 2006 (Sun.)
Elevations: 4057 feet, 3960 feet; Order of Height: 39, 43
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Ewart Tempest
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Colvin and Blake today - A fine conclusion to our 2006 winter Adirondack outings. Next week it is off to Utah, and by the time we get back, Spring will have arrived!

We brought and used our skiis to help ease the pain of the trudge up and down Lake Road. Leaving our skiis at the middle trail (above Gill Brook, but before the end of the road), we headed up on a trail that was in perfect winter conditions.

Under perfectly clear skies and a stiff breeze, we arrived at the summit of Colvin at around noon. Fantastic views of the Great Range, of course. Pristine white snow mantled all of the higher peaks. Apart from the wind, it would be glorious to be up on Marcy today!

The hike along the ridge to Colvin was in great shape, too. And very little blowdown. The steep bits were very amenable to a bit of skilled glissading. At the col between Colvin and Blake, we met 'adksteve' from the online forums, who was doing precisely the same route as us today. The ascent up Blake went very quickly, and we tagged the summit and then made great time sliding down the perfect bobsled-track like trail.

We chose to head down to Lower Ausable lake from the col and dash across the lake, thereby saving us a re-ascent of Colvin. Then, back to the point along the road where we stashed the skiis, and a very quick glide back to the trailhead.

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